2011.10.15 New website and forum

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Holy cow! We got a wiki and a new forum!

The architecture of Summoning Wars' internet presence was heavily restructured to provide a richer and easier to use functionality.
The main page is provided by a setup of the popular MediaWiki software to provide us with a structured and -hopefully- growing knowledge database.
The forum was replaced by a Simple Machines Forum but not without taking care of keeping all content.
All forum logins got ported to the new forum as well, so everyone can login with his/her usual name and password. The first time you log in the forum will update the way it stores your password and informs you about the change which makes it neccessary to login again.
Additionally the forum user database was coupled with our MediaWiki so you can use the same logins. To be able to login and edit pages in the wiki you need to be promoted to the "Wiki Editor" group of the forum. Ask the staff if you want to contribute.

We hope you enjoy the new presence and are awaiting the upcoming 0.5.5 Release. Protogenes

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