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Summoning Wars frequently asked questions.


How can I translate the game?

See Translator's Guide.

I want to help. Where can I start?

At first you might want to get an idea of what we need at the Contribute page.
When you know what you want to do for Summoning Wars write in the Forum or join our IRC #sumwars at freenode.net (online client) and tell us about your idea.
Also check our development guides.

What is neccessary to build Summoning Wars from the source code?

See Build instructions.

Why can't I edit the wiki content?

The wiki is protected to avoid spam and other unwanted changes. To edit a page on the wiki you need an account in our Forum and to be promoted to the Wiki Editor member group by forum staff.

Windows: Missing d3d***.dll

Please update your DirectX installation (Web Installer or Standalone Installer).

Windows: Missing OpenAl32.dll

Please download and install OpenAL from creative labs: http://connect.creativelabs.com/developer/Wiki/OpenAL%20Installer%20for%20Windows.aspx

Changing resolution settings without the options menu

The resolutions settings are located in ~/.sumwars/ogre.cfg

You can change the line Full Screen=Yes to Full Screen=No

Change the video mode in line: Video Mode=1920 x 1080

One or more resource file is not found

Please locate your .sumwars folder and delete the resources.cfg file. Between releases, the folder structure can change and makes a rebuild of the resources file necessary.

This is a know problem and will be fixed in the next version.

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